What is the NSW Government‘s Emergency Plan for Sydney’s CBDs?


The Sydney CBD Safety Sub Plan was originally developed in 2005 to detail the special control and coordination arrangements for an emergency in Sydney which may involve evacuation of all or part of the CBD’s.

The plan was reviewed in early 2015 and again in 2018 and 2023 and is now called Sydney CBD Safety Sub-Plan.  The plan is available at Sydney CBD safety sub plan.

Aim of the Plan

The plan focuses on the primary evacuation points in the CBD, escalation processes, communication channels, directions to the public and alternative transport arrangements. It has been developed to consider a broad section of the community including residents, schools, community groups, property owners and managers, commuters and businesses.

The plan caters for the worst-case scenario of an evacuation of a large section, or all of the CBD area combined with a loss or major disruption to our normal transport services.

Key revisions to the Plan

Assembly areas replace safety sites. The safety sites are no longer operational within the new plan. Instead, there are identified assembly areas which are listed here.

The ‘Directions to Public’ are now called Response Strategies and these strategies may be used by business leaders and emergency services during an emergency. The details of the response strategies can be found here.