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Resilience in Action Video – Janellis and 100 Resilient Cities Global Partnership

This video highlights the importance of city-wide resilience, the role of business in building resilience and the value of a global partnership with 100 Resilient Cities. Featuring Michael Berkowitz, CEO of 100 Resilient Cities and Natalie Botha, Managing Director of Janellis. Watch now… For more information on Janellis resilience capabilities: City Resilience City Resilience Workshops City Resilience Capability […]

100 Resilient Cities and Janellis announce global partnership in citywide emergency management

Sydney, Australia – 100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation (100RC) is today announcing a partnership with Janellis, which will offer a critical emergency management support to 100RC member cities around the globe. The emergency and crisis management tools will help align organisations and response agencies to be better prepared for city-wide emergencies and will be available […]

Is your organisation prepared for a CBD-wide emergency?

The need for CBD stakeholder groups to align and build a coordinated response capability has never been greater. In 2015 the NSW Government updated the CBD-wide emergency management arrangements for organisations operating in the Sydney and North Sydney CBD. These changes now demand that all CBD business leaders and property managers understand their new responsibilities – and […]

Cosgrove leads CBD executives to stirring realisation

I recently wrote about working with Governor-General Peter Cosgrove on defining organisational resilience at the executive and board level. In the article titled ‘What is organisational resilience?’ I told the story of how we collaborated with Peter who had recently retired as General of the Armed Forces. Working in the still-emerging area of organisational resilience over the past ten years […]

Enterprise Risk and Resilience Assurance Framework

Developed in collaboration with leading Australian organisations operating in high risk industries both nationally and internationally, this framework is based on the International Benchmarking on Organisational Resilience. The framework is aligned with International and Australian standards including: ISO 31000:2009, the Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System (AIIMS), the Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery (PPPR) principles, AS/NZS 5050:2010 […]

RMIA launches Special Interest Group

An Organizational Resilience Special Interest Group has recently been approved by The Risk Management Institution of Australasia (RMIA). An expert panel of practitioners from around Australia will work on a 12 month project, focusing on good practice and implementation , culminating in an RMIA sponsored white paper to be released at the 2016 RMIA National […]

What is organisational resilience?

Since 2005, Janellis Australia has worked with the Federal Government and a number of organisations operating in high risk industries, to quantify and build resilience capability. Janellis began our ‘What is organisational resilience?’ conversation during industry lunches that highlighted the many dimensions of organisational resilience. Executives responsible for risk management, business continuity, security, insurance, crisis […]

Pass me those crisis glasses

In facilitating crisis management training with executive teams, it would be fair to say that their subject matter expertise, managerial and corporate disciplines are well honed and unquestioned. They are responsible for, and well attuned, in ensuring their ‘day to day’ vertical line management, their ‘pillars of excellence’, are effective and productive. I have however, on […]