Business Leaders Roadmap to Assurance

A high level guide to improving your organisation’s capability in a CBD-wide emergency

1. Review the organisations Business Resilience, Emergency Management, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plans against these Guidelines – assurance assessment, gap analysis, external audit.

2. Initiate a program for compliance with the key requirements in the Guidelines for business – ie. communications, control, personal plans. Your program should set out:

  • Vision for the program
  • Scope of the work
  • Priorities for the tasks
  • Specific actions
  • Timeframes
  • Responsibilities
  • Measurement criteria

3. Establish a Crisis Management framework for planning and management of an emergency if you do not already have one in place:

  • Team
  • Plans
  • Tools
  • Training

4. Register members of the crisis management team onto sydneyALERT so that they are tapped into the heart of the communications that will be made available, and establish a command structure internally for the dissemination of information and decision making in an emergency. To become part of the scheme you need to register your details online at the

6. Undergo a scenario-based workshop simulation with the Crisis Management Team and Executive that considers the implications on your business of a major emergency in the Sydney CBD.

7. Develop Personal Emergency Plans for members of Crisis Management Team. Ensure that all members of the crisis management team have prepared a personal emergency plan that they can execute in the event that an emergency occurs.