Property Managers’ Roadmap to Assurance

A guide to improving your capability to respond to a CBD-wide emergency

What Property Managers can do:

1. Review the Building’s Emergency Management Plans against these Guidelines – readiness assessment, gap analysis, external audit.

2. Have an up-to-date Shelter-in-Place procedure for all CBD buildings.

3. Adjust your procedures to include the nearest two (2) Nominated Assembly Areas. The Nominated Assembly Areas is used if the building emergency assembly area is occupied or the building is directed to evacuate to a Designated Assembly Area.

4. Ensure the chief warden and deputy chief warden are registered with the sydneyALERT system. (Go to and follows the links to sydneyALERT).

5. Ensure external fire doors are equipped with signs showing the building emergency Assembly Area to be used as default AND the nearest Nominated Assembly Areas that may be used in a CBD-wide emergency.

6. Obtain a Sydney CBD Emergency Kit. These can be ordered on and follow the prompts to Sydney CBD Evacuation Kit. The Kit contains:

  • Signs for the inside of the final fire doors
  • Lanyards and checklists for all wardens
  • Checklists and guidelines for planning for and evacuating people with special needs

7. Ask your emergency consultant to update your procedures, floor plans and training program to include the Sydney CBD Emergency Plan details and the key requirements outlined on CBD Response.

8. Make staff and occupants are aware of the Sydney CBD Emergency Plan and how they can prepare for it.