Training specifically for city-wide emergencies in Sydney’s CBD Zones

Specialist training is required for a CBD-wide emergency that may be beyond the current building management training that is taking place for wardens.  Organisations need to ensure that ALL staff have an adequate level of training and awareness for responding to a CBD-wide emergency.

Where possible experiential style training should be used including:

  • hypotheticals
  • scenarios
  • reviews of events that may already have occurred.

The benefits of Scenario-based training

Scenarios help a broad range of stakeholders understand their operating environment, share information, challenge assumptions, consider the future and assess strategic options. Information is better evaluated within a scenario framework as it provides a context for making decisions and reaching consensus on key issues or opportunities and developing a plan of action.

Using CBD Response for your training

CBD Response can be used as a training tool for organisations who need to build awareness.  A customised view of this content, relevant for your business, can be developed and integrated into existing training material.