Find out if your business is in a Sydney CBD Emergency Zone

Definitions and maps of the CBD boundaries outlined in the NSW Government’s Emergency Plan

The blurred lights of a ferry boat passing under Sydney Harbour Bridge at twilight, Australia.

Sydney CBD

Characteristics of Sydney CBD

The Sydney central business district is home to some of the largest Australian companies, as well as serving as an Asia-Pacific headquarters for many international companies.

The Sydney CBD is an area of very densely concentrated skyscrapers and other buildings interspersed by several parks.

Over 900 buildings are more than five stories and the financial services industry in particular occupies much of the available office space.

Critical Infrastructure Networks 

Transportation networks incorporate the City Circle railway system and its stations, which connects to the wider Sydney rail network. Buses ply almost every street feeding in and out of the area to outlying routes. In the not too distant future, a new tramline will take over some of buses routes.

North Sydney CBD

Characteristics of North Sydney CBD

The commercial district of North Sydney includes NSW’s second largest concentration of office buildings.

Industry representation is mainly from the advertising and information technology industries. North Sydney’s Gross Regional Product is estimated at $15.42 billion, which represents 3.4% of the Gross State Product. North Sydney CBD is an area of concentrated high-rise buildings including residential towers.

Major Transport Cluster

These buildings are clustered over, and to the north of the North Sydney Railway Station, which also acts as a small bus terminus. The area has the Pacific Highway dissecting it and several thoroughfare streets but has many smaller streets leading to residential areas, which virtually surround this CBD.