Emergency Warning & Communication Systems

The following channels will be used to keep people informed and updated during a major emergency in the Sydney or North Sydney CBD

Emergency Alert Systems

  • Sydney ALERT

    The sydneyALERT system is a free “opt-in” service for emergency services to alert building managers, emergency wardens and security staff with information and instructions during an incident via SMS and email.  The message will be simple and give clear guidance on what needs to be done. The message should then be communicated through existing internal building systems, such as public address systems and emails, to occupants.

    Register for SydneyALERT now.

  • Sydney CBD Emergency Warning System (CBD-EWS)

    The CBD Emergency Warning System will be used in the event of a Sydney CBD-wide emergency. Warnings are intended to:

    • inform the community of an impending or current threat
    • promote appropriate protective actions of which evacuation could be an option.

    The content of warnings may include instructions like:

    • ‘evacuate to a nominated location’ or leave the area entirely;
    • ‘shelter‐in‐place’ (which includes seeking shelter); or
    • ‘stay‐at‐work or delay your journey’ until advised.
  • Twitter ALERT

    Twitter Alert is a new way to get accurate and important information when you need it most.  When you sign up you will receive a notification directly to your phone whenever that account marks a Tweet as an alert.

Other Sources of Information

  • Emergency Alert NSW

    Emergency Alert NSW brings together social media messages from NSW emergency services all in one place.  You will find agency Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds that can provide you with important information during an emergency.

 Feeds may change during an emergency so they provide you with the most relevant information for the event.


  • Social Media

    We recommend that you obtain information from a variety of sources during an emergency incident and that you utilise all relevant social media.

  • Broadcast Media

    Broadcast media in the form of TV, radio and new channels is an essential source of information. It should be actively sought and taken into consideration with any key decisions.