Sydney CBD Emergeny Management Re-launch event

Most cities around the world have an emergency management plan that includes a concept of operations on how emergency services will respond. In August 2005 the NSW Premier launched the Sydney CBD Emergency Sub-Plan and in 2006 the NSW State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) worked in collaboration with Janellis to engage the business community on the development and implementation of the plan.

The Sydney CBD Safety Sub-Plan went through a revision in 2023 and City of Sydney have invited a select group of key stakeholders to discuss the plan using a scenario-based desktop activity, to clarity information prior to the relaunch of

The Sydney CBD Safety Sub-Plan details the unique characteristics of a CBD evacuation including, roles and responsibilities, activation, preparation, response strategies, public information and directions to businesses, such as ‘shelter in place’.

Some of the challenges facing organisations operating with the Sydney CBD arise from the high concentration of people, limitations of the city circle transport network, the ability to receive and send critical communications and the reliance on critical infrastructure providers.

An emergency within the Sydney CBD would require a ‘significant and coordinated response’ where businesses, government, and critical infrastructure providers will need to work together. There may be a period where business leaders must ‘make decisions with incomplete or conflicting information and where an evacuation may not be the safest option’.

The relaunch of will follow the desktop activity and involve a broader group of stakeholders, scheduled for July 2024.

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